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Virtual Transponder Application

The virtual transponder application refers to a GPS-enabled smartphone application. A smartphone application will be developed for all major platforms (Android and iPhone) and will be made available to free of charge to all programme participants via the Apple App Store or Google Play market as applicable.

The primary purpose of this application will be to calculate the metrics used for the incentive program to award points. The parameters required for the calculation of the metrics: exclusions zone, home and work addresses will be stored on the smartphone. The congestion zones can be defined by ZeroTraffic Experts (with input from Deputy Mayors) to best address the key congestion points. The congestion zones are defined by the location and time. Each congestion zone is monitored by a Deputy Mayor.

The GPS location and time will be used to determine whether the user is within or outside of an exclusion zone.

As an illustration consider Toronto. Diagram on the right shows congestion zones, one defined over a section of Highway 401, and the other covering the downtown core.

On a regular basis as determined by the user through the application settings, the application will prepare a summary report with the metrics as an email and upon confirmation by the user send it to the gamification server where it will be attached to the user account.

In addition, the smartphone application will record time and location on regular intervals, anonymize it, encrypt it using HTTPS and transmit it to the central web server where it will be stored without any attachment to the user account. The purpose of this data is to collect data flow for traffic status and planning purposes. Congested zones will be streets which typically have standstill traffic and are to be drawn on a map by DMs and accepted and edited by ZeroTraffic coordinators.

The application will also include a Bluetooth detector which will allow ZeroTraffic to assign rewards to registered users who may be in exclusion zone but are carpooling.