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Quantity of ZTT

  • ZTT Allocation

    Total (maximum) token supply:

    300,000,000 ZTT

    Total tokens will be offered in the sale:

    80,000,000 ZTT

    Total (minimum) will be offered in the sale:

    4,000,000 ZTT

  • ZTT will be raised at the Angel day rate of 275 ZTT per 1 ETH. The price then increases 26%/week and 3.6%/raised ZTT in multiples of $4M.

    Graph 1
    Table 1 Shows the number of ZTT raised per 1 ETH given the week number of the ICO. This is shown in the plot: ZTT/ETH vs. Week #. 0th week means first day.
    Table 2 Shows the discount factor applied to Table 1 given the amount of ZTT raised. For example, during the 1st week of the ICO, 1 ETH purchases 250 ETH only if the amount of ZTT raised so far is below 4,000,000 ZTT. If however, 8,000,000 ZTT has been raised then a discount factor of 0.931 is applied and then 1 ETH will purchase 232.75 ZTT (250*0.931). The discount will be applied in multiples of 4,000,000 raised up to the maximum of 80,000,000 resulting in a maximum discount factor of 0.5. Invest in ZTT early to get the most benefit.

Smart Contract Rules for ZTT

  • The ZTT pre-sale will last between September 5 to 15 with a 5% bonus payable in ZTT on all purchases.
  • Funds raised in ico are refundable if minimum isn't met during ico and presale, however funds raised during the presale are not subject to refund on minimum raise.
  • The ICO is expected to start September 15, 2017, and run for exactly 30 days.
  • Bonus of 25 ZTT on the first day. The first week price is 250 ZTT/ETH. The price then increases approximately 26%/week and 3.6%/raised ZTT in multiples of $4M. In the first day, price is 275 times funds raised discount factor. In first, second, third and fourth week, price is 250, 198, 157, 125 respectively times discount factor. The discount factor for each successive multiple (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, etc) of the minimum funds raised so far, of 1, .966, .933, .901, .871, .841, .812, .785, .758, .732, .707, etc.
  • Tradable when issued to the public for consideration, after the ICO closes.
  • Dividends of 4% per annum are payable as increased territory size.
  • Deputy Mayor crypto-currency governance role.
  • Democratic governance applies to traffic congestion. All crowd funders who own ZTT coins are "Deputy Mayors" of their district below and may democratically advise ZeroTraffic on congested areas in their district on a regular basis. District maybe re-centered.
  • Coins are optionally retractable and redeemable by ZeroTraffic, individually from each owner any time after 5 years after IOD. Once an owner is exchanged, the market price average for the last 5 days shall be used to compute payment.
  • At least 1250 ZTTs' are required to fill the role of Deputy Mayor.
  • Price per each non-exclusive circle of radius 1/2 km, around any ZTT coin owner specified GPS point, for a map of traffic standstill congestion management advice = (1250 ZTT). Additional size regions are priced for a R' km radius at (R'/R)**2 *price for 1/2km radius in ZTT coin.
  • To be excempt from securities laws, there is no share ownership to ZTT coin holders, right to dividends, proceeds from sales. The parties agree that the Howey test is not met: "investment of money from an expectation of profits arising from a common enterprise depending solely on the efforts of a promoter or third party". Proceeds will fund initial and continuing development and business development, depending on level of funds raised, for several years.
  • F.A.Q.

    How long will the ICO be offered for?

    The ICO is expected to start September 15, 2017, and run for exactly 30 days.

    How will I benefit from ZeroTraffic?

    By being an investor or user you help solve a problem that we are stuck with with no end in sight. Traffic wastes billions of dollars for most major cities. And many thousands per commuter. We are trying to use the best Science to solve this problem. Look up your city on our calculator on the website and see how much money you would save.

    How can I participate in ZeroTraffic?

    As an investor in the ICO you buy a district where you can advise us on the contested regions. You specify the center of circle of any size greater than 1/2 km radius. The smallest circle costs 1250 ZTT. ZTT is our cryptocoin which can be purchased using Ether which gets a smart contract or PayPal. You can sell these ZTT, every year you get a district dividend and after 5 years we may offer you a buyback at the market price. The details are on our website.

    Is your token required for users to fill a specific role on the network?

    Yes. ZTT holders are considered Deputy Mayors who are permitted to mark up congested areas in their district given actual data form ZT.

    How many tokens are required to fill the role of Deputy Mayor?

    At least 1250 ZTT.

    Is your token sale subject to any special requirements or restrictions?

    There are no restrictions.

    Who do you see as your main competitors?


    What do you know about your target users?

    Our target users are non customer facing commuters without children, companies, and governments.

    What happens if the crowdsale does not raise minimum ZTT?

    In the event the minimum amount is not obtained, the ETH raised will be returned to investors.

    Apps like Waze already give me a table with time of departure and expected commute time. I can plan my travel using this. What does ZeroTraffic add?

    Our goal is to provide both a benefit to the individual user (shorter travel time) and society since less congestion, ie. less cars on the road during peak travel times, means we all benefit. Waze and other apps like Google Maps do a good job of providing quickest routes given the current congestion due to things like accidents, weather, events, etc. This is referred to as non-recurrent congestion. ZeroTraffic attempts to engage and motivate people to delay or reschedule their trips to off-peak hours. The benefits to them is shorter travel times. They are also rewarded with points, which will give status rewards. Time shifting trips helps to reduce recurrent congestion which is something Waze does not do. What's amazing is that small reductions in traffic volume have dramatic effects on travel speed.

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